rEFIt Humanity Icons

February 19, 2010

If you are familiar with the screen above. This post is for you! I couldn’t stand staring at inconsistent icons and despite liking tux a lot I wanted to see ubuntu logo there.

So I’ve made a script, converted Humanity icons into Macintosh icns format and made a mac package to install them. See this screen:

So If you want this boot experience (including gray ubuntu silhouette after you select ubuntu similar to mac’s apple)

Project page:

Download page:

Comments, Code, Bugs and Blueprints are welcome =)

ps. the “screenshots” are actually edited files using themed graphics and same size because rEFIt is not build with screenshot support but it is very close to reality. I don’t believe it will beĀ upstreamableĀ to rEFIt cause it’s BSD licensed and icons are GPL …