Free & not so free: WebKit2 & iPhone OS 4.0 vs MonoTouch

Steve Jobs announcing Webkit2

Steve Jobs announces Webkit2.0 photo from Engadget

Webkit2 looks amazing. Will have to read up about it more =) can I please have it in epiphany – NOW? Please =) this has been covered on LWN as well.

iPhone 4.0 SDK limits programming languages

Well well, I can’t verify this but iPhone 4.0 SDK limits programming languages to Javascript (Webkit), C, C++ & Objective-C. Although this is a large choice, but it makes impossible for C# / MonoTouch apps to enter the App Store with 4.0 API’s =(

What’s next Apple? Forcing to use XCode and not allowing apps with an Emacs or Vi mode-lines in the source-code?

Can’t wait for Lucid =) Must put the count-down banner on my blog😉

6 Responses to Free & not so free: WebKit2 & iPhone OS 4.0 vs MonoTouch

  1. Vadim P. says:

    Forcing touchpad-based computers with no keyboards to use specific languages, yes they already did that!

    A computer that’s legally restricted from running certain languages. Ridiculous.

  2. ethana2 says:

    …so develop for Android instead and tell people not to buy Apple devices?

    I have avoided buying any iPod/iPhone for years. It’s a matter of foresight. Can’t say I feel pity for the people who don’t have it.

  3. Dylan McCall says:

    There’s a nice write-up on the language restriction over here:

    It still amazes me that Apple has this many apps for the iPhone (and touts the number of them constantly) while treating their developers with such disdain.


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