LinkedIn & Gmail = Spam

Hello all

I’ve just registered with LinkedIn and it offered to invite people from my Gmail address book. I’ve used that feature and now regret it cause invitation email have been send out to all Launchpad bugs, questions, merge proposals, mailing lists and BTS bugs…..

I’m very sorry for all the spam! Please don’t block me =(


10 Responses to LinkedIn & Gmail = Spam

  1. vincenzoml says:

    In fact I looked for you after receiving such an invitation 🙂

  2. dmitrijledkov says:

    Heya =)

    Nice to meet you. I have like 2500+ emails in my address book =)

  3. nixternal says:

    Hrmm, this might explain the reasons in the past for receiving Linked In emails via mailing lists. Interesting to know, thanks for the heads up on this.

  4. Zash says:

    You .. gave them you email password?

  5. jcastro says:

    I saw your mail and was like “poor soul, I remember when that happened to me.”

  6. Dennis says:

    Oops! 🙂

  7. dmitrijledkov says:

    @nixternal: Mailman / LP / BTS should filter those….

    @Zash: Well yeah, it used Google API and it wasn’t faked up.

    @jcastro: thanks for your support.

    @Dennis: “DON’T PANIC” =) loved Hitchhikers Guide to Galaxy.

  8. Oli says:

    It scares me how many people (with organisational power as well as those without) are more than happy to hand over the keys to their life to a frankly unknown entity.

    You might say “Oh everybody knows and trusts LinkedIn” but you have no idea what happens to your credentials once they’re submitted.

  9. Mackenzie says:

    Ya know, there are checkboxes next to the names so you can decide who to invite and who not to. I usually go with only inviting people who are in the “already on LinkedIn” list, not the “doesn’t have an account, can I email them now???” list.

  10. Alex says:

    I have gotten several such emails on the GSoC mailing lists. For that reason, I refuse to use LinkedIn under any circumstances.

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