Lintian no-symbols-control-file

This advice has been posted on the debian-mentors mailing list. A quick how to generate symbols file

$ apt-get source libsword6
$ cd sword-1.5.9
$ debuild binary
$ rm -f debian/*.symbols dpkg-gensymbols*
$ dpkg-gensymbols -plibsword6 -Pdebian/libsword6 | patch -p0
$ mv dpkg-gensymbols* debian/libsword6.symbols
$ perl -pi -e ‘s/-\d.*//’ debian/libsword6.symbols


2 Responses to Lintian no-symbols-control-file

  1. Craig says:

    Thanks for the tip – I used this guide to handle the symbols in libgeoclue.

  2. dmitrijledkov says:

    Your welcome. Although this is not my work =D someone else posted in on d-m glad you found this and used to improve Debian.

    It should work nice with your library, cause it’s C (I think). It doesn’t work in C++. The problem is that C++ creates a lot of different and random symbols on different platforms. I’ve tried to create one for x86 and ia64 and it was already too much to manage with no apparent gain =(

    I love C & Object-C. C++ is evil. C# (mono) is alright. Python ROCKS =D You see my point.

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